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GGR Group’s trusty Glass Buddy is the perfect assistant for all your glazing projects. This compactable product can be adjusted for lifting various sizes of glazing as well as dismantled to accommodate easy transport. The width of the wheels can be adjusted from 700-900mm to easily fit through narrow gaps as well as support larger glazing. As well as the wheels the suction pads can be adjusted between 54-80cm.

The Glass Buddy lifting glazing.

The Glass Buddy lifting glazing.

This Glass Buddy has an impressive 150kg maximum capacity when operated by two people or 80kg when operated by one. With two pneumatic tyres users are able to comfortably transport their glazing over various terrains. The front wheels of this glass manipulator can be moved back and forth so glazing is able to be lowered fully to the ground.

Where You Can Use Your Glass Buddy

Although our Glass Buddies are generally used by glaziers these products can be utilised on a number of projects and not just those involving glass.

Installing Glass

The most popular use for this product is of course when installing glazing. Designed with glaziers in mind this specially made glass manipulator has a hand wheel that raises and lowers the vacuum cups along the length of the Glass Buddy. The trolley is able to be tilted back to wheel it to your desired location before being tilted forward again so your glass can be installed. With the Glass Buddy there is the option of an attachable extension arm which can be used on lower glazing work and glass balustrading.

Glass Transportation

The Glass Buddy is ideal for transporting all sorts of glazing weighing up to 150kg. The two vacuum suction cups are able to be rotated 360˚, tilted 20˚, and hoisted to an impressive height of over 3 metres. These features combined with the adjustable width of the wheels allow the user to easily transport glazing through narrow passages and manoeuvre around obstacles.

Glass BuddyGlass Recycling

At glass recycling facilities it is much easier to transfer glazing from its transport vehicle into the facilities when it hasn’t been broken yet. By using the Glass Buddy, you reduce the likelihood of the glass being damaged as well as reduce injuries and clean-up time of broken glass. The cleverly designed glass manipulator cuts down manual handling, reduces human error, and allows users to rest the load safely if they need to stop.

Event and Exhibitions

With the Glass Buddy, you can transport more than just glass – its vacuum suction cups are suited to lifting a range of different materials that have a flat and smooth surface. This means this machine can be utilised in setting up stands and products. Due to its compact construction, it is ideal for many different-sized exhibitions as it can fit into smaller vehicles and in smaller venues. Its simple controls also make it ideal for users with various levels of experience in handling glass manipulators.


At GGR Group we have over 25 years of experience in providing lifting solutions and bespoke products. To find the perfect tool for your project contact our expert team here.

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