By: Kelly Holdaway On: December 21, 2011 In: Blog Comments: 0


St Andrew’s Church in Croydon was given the answer to their lifting prayers recently when a Unic mini crane was brought in to help install some glazing in time for their Christmas celebrations.

GGR’s mini crane was compact enough to easily make its way inside the 150 year old church and take on its first task of removing the crucifix from above the altar so a glazed screen could be installed behind it.

A below-the-hook spreader beam and webbing slings were used to secure the crucifix so it could be lifted down safely by the Unic URW-295 mini crane. The 2.9 tonne capacity crane then lifted the 600kg glass screen so it could be fixed into place.

After the glaziers had finished their work, the church’s crucifix was lifted 8 metres high back into position ready for the Christmas congregations.


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