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kirsty2We’re pleased to announce that GGR’s very own Kirsty Parkin has been giving the GGR boys a run for their money, after she recently became an official Appointed Person for some of our biggest, most prestigious projects.

Kiwi Kirsty joined GGR in 2012, where previously she had worked as a nanny, where she then began her training at GGR’s Long Crendon depot. After just two months of hard work she went out on her first job as a qualified crane operator.  Since then Kirsty has gained her Cat B, C and D qualifications through specialised training at GGR and also managed to gain her slinger/signaller ticket earlier this year.

When asked about her new role, Kirsty said “This year I was offered a great career opportunity to become an AP, I knew it would be difficult and a lot to learn and I could have never prepared myself for how much effort and work goes in behind the scenes. The amount of knowledge that GGR staff and our surveying APs have is amazing and a real credit to our expertise as a company – I have all that yet to learn and more.”

When asked about her role as a female in a highly dominated male industry Kirsty said “For any females out there looking to get into the crane industry, I would say go for it. All it takes is some dedication to gaining the right qualifications and a company willing to give you the training, experience and tools you need to succeed. I don’t mind being one of the only girls on site sometimes, but it would be great if there were more females in the construction industry out there. I’m really excited about how my career is set to develop over the coming years at GGR, so if you’re thinking about getting into the industry, go for it – I am proof that it can be done!”.

As an Appointed Person, Kirsty provides safe systems of work for all activities associated with lifting and moving loads to ensure that all lifting operations can be carried out efficiently without risk to safety and in accordance with UK Statutory Regulations and the Client.

Kirsty and GGR’s team of AP’s, operators and signaller/slingers are always ready to take on any troublesome lifting tasks where you may need a helping hand, contact us to find out about our Contract Lift and Operator packages.

To learn more about GGR’s training facilities at our nationwide depots, click here.

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