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Searcher hooks and fly jib boom attachments for our UNIC mini spider cranes are able to increase the lifting height and working radius of our cranes for taking on challenging jobs in restricted access areas.

These lifting accessories have often proven to be just the thing for taking on awkward lifting jobs. A searcher hook can help with tricky installation work around overhangs and soffits, whilst a fly jib extension gives a spider crane that extra reach to access difficult areas on site.

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A searcher hook can be used to lift in areas where there is low headroom or if when a load needs to be installed close to a ceiling or overhead obstacle such as a soffit or balcony.

This attachment has a hook end fixed onto a crane’s boom which is ideal for suspending a vacuum lifter or other below-the-hook equipment.

hospital-atriumSearcher hooks can be set at 20° intervals to ensure precise placement of a load, like on this job glazing a hospital atrium where a 500kg searcher hook was used with a UNIC URW-506 mini crane and an MRTA611 Six-in-Line lifter.  This searcher hook was also used with a URW-376 crane to install timber beams close to the ceiling of the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre.

Fly Jibs

east-claydonBy adding a fly jib extension onto the main boom of a UNIC mini crane, loads can be easily lifted to a greater working radius and moved over rooftops and high balustrades.

For example, this 1000kg fly jib was used with a UNIC URW-1006 crane to lift and lower circuit breaker silencers up and over 16 metre height overhead power lines at East Claydon National Grid substation. This fly jib increases the lifting height of the URW-1006 model to a massive 30.7 metres.

Choose your attachment

GGR stocks seven different searcher hook and fly jib lifting attachments which are compatible with our smaller, mid-capacity and heavy-duty UNIC mini spider cranes:-

300kg UNIC Crane Searcher Hook
(for URW-095, 295)300kg


500kg UNIC Crane Searcher Hook (for URW-376, 506, 547)


700kg Combined Fly Jib & Searcher Hook (for URW-095, 295)



700kg Combined Fly Jib & Searcher Hook (for URW-376, 506)


800kg UNIC Crane Searcher Hook (for URW-706)


800kg UNIC Crane Fly Jib (for URW-706)


1000kg UNIC Crane Hydraulic Fly Jib (for URW-1006)


Our friendly team of experts can advise you which attachments can be used with each UNIC crane model, if you are not sure.

The capacity of a searcher hook is affected by the crane’s working radius and outrigger position, whilst the crane’s boom angle and the tilt angle of the load alters the capacity of fly jibs. Click on each of the links above to find the rated load charts for these attachments with different UNIC crane models.


As well as offering lifting attachments for our UNIC mini cranes, we also stock a 150kg capacity searcher hook for our G20 pick and carry crane.

For further help or more information about GGR’s range of searcher hooks and fly jibs available to hire and purchase please contact our technical team at your nearest depot.


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