By: Kelly Holdaway On: April 04, 2014 In: Blog Comments: 0

EMU glazing on university campusAn EMU glazing robot was hired from GGR Group to spend the day installing glazing to the inner lobby doors at a UK university campus.

The 500kg capacity Ergonomic Manipulating Unit (EMU) robot installed the large glass panels underneath a low ceiling using its dual circuit vacuum lifting head. The EMU’s manipulating head can continuously rotate by 360°, tilt 80° up and down and slew 80° left and right to allow precise and controlled positioning of loads.

The EMU robot was able to work in this limited space to install each of the 5.45 metre tall, 400kg glass panels, feeding the bottom units into a 150mm wide channel.

Did you know that GGR’s specialist team of engineers developed the first EMU glazing robot back in 1999? It was one of our first research and development projects and our machine went on to win the ‘Quality in Construction’ award by Construction News magazine and achieve recognition from the Design Council.

EMU 500 installing glass panelsThe EMU can be fitted with different vacuum lifting heads depending on the dimensions of the glass it is handling, GGR’s technical team can even design a bespoke head to suit your particular job. A steel beam lifting attachment has also been developed for use with this machine.

Read more about the EMU being used for glazing and cladding installation work at Edinburgh airport and Salford Reds stadium.


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