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MCC805 crawler crane lifting staircase

GGR’s heavy-duty MCC805 compact crawler crane was recently hired to install a set of staircases to a new building at a West Midlands school.

The 8 tonne capacity mini telescopic crawler crane was used to lift four flights of stairs into position inside the steel framework of the new block. Each 3.75 tonne concrete staircase was fitted with lifting points for slings to be attached to.

Before the staircases could be installed, the MCC805 crane first temporarily removed the steel beams which were blocking access to where the stairs needed to be placed. The crane’s boom was then passed through the gap so the staircases below could be lifted into position. The crawler crane worked to a 10.5 metre maximum height to install the four 5 metre long staircases.

8t crawler crane installs concrete staircases

The MCC805 crane was able to complete this tricky installation job thanks to its compact chassis which could access the lifting site by travelling underneath a 2.8 metre high ceiling, and its hardwearing steel tracks which were suitable for working on the site’s uneven terrain.

The MCC805 crawler crane can work to a maximum lifting height of 20.5 metres when fitted with a fly jib and has a 6.5 tonne pick and carry capacity for moving loads around site.  GGR also offers three other mini crawler crane models, the MCC495, MCC505 and MCC804.

Take a look at more examples of GGR’s compact cranes building and lifting staircases in our gallery. For further information about hiring our purchasing any of our compact cranes please contact your nearest GGR depot.

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