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Eco area 1At this year’s Bauma Munich exhibition, UNIC Cranes Europe, part of GGR Group, will be showcasing our market-leading mini cranes. The UNIC spider cranes have become firmly established as the perfect lifting equipment wherever access is restricted or working space is confined. The UNIC machines have the flexibility and capabilities to assist in a huge variety of lifting situations from internal lifting to waterway and railway track maintenance.

This year’s exhibition sees us focusing more on the environmentally-friendly Eco spider cranes in our special Eco Zone. We will be showing our lean, green Eco-295 and Eco-376 models alongside our range of multi-fuel option spider cranes. The Eco-376 is the newest addition to our fleet of zero emissions cranes. We have converted a URW-376 to run on deep cycle gel filled batteries. The biggest advantage of this version is the crane can run continually when plugged into a 110 volt power supply. The charger has the ability to charge the batteries when they are in use. Current development testing has resulted in up to 10 hours before recharging is required  The system replaces the electrical option but the diesel engine remains giving a quick travel option to the point of operation final placement of the crane can be on the batteries. Once in the working position the crane can be plugged in and work on 110volts with zero exhaust emissions.

Ready for businessIn addition, we will exhibit the new hydraulic jibs for the URW-095/295 and the URW-706; the 295-2 and 706-2. We exhibited these at Intermat Paris last year, and they attracted a great deal of interest. Hydraulic luffing fly jibs give additional flexibility when working for greater radius at height. Also being exhibited this year is the new auxiliary winch on the URW-095 and URW-295 models. This will allow for a maximum rope drop of 100 metres on a single fall and a capacity of 800kgs. Currently, our maximum is 65 metres.

The show runs from 11th to the 17th April at Messe Munchen exhibition centre and you will find us at F1102/5. Find out more here.

Bauma 2016 marks the fifth time that UNIC Cranes Europe has exhibited at the event. UNIC CEO, Graeme Riley says:

We exhibit at Bauma simply because it is ‘THE’ event in the industry calendar. It attracts thousands of visitors and the exhibitors are amongst the most recognisable and prestigious in our sector. UNIC
Cranes is a leader in the European mini crane market and we are constantly looking at ways to improve our range of lifting equipment, Bauma provides us with the perfect opportunity to showcase our new and existing products.

Bauma also gives us the chance to meet up with our European dealers, generating leads throughout the dealership network, and the ability to network with the key players in the industry.

We hope to see you there, come along and say hello – there might be a goody bag and a drink in it for you!


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