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2017-08-11-PHOTO-00000171Three of GGR’s lifting machines were recently put to work on a tricky glass install on a newly constructed office build in Wales.

Faced with restricted access and low ceilings the G120 pick and carry crane, the Hydraulica 1000b vacuum lifter and Oscar 600 Offroad glazing robot were the perfect option for this project.

Working outside the entrance to the install area, the Hydraulica 1000b vacuum lifter, with 1000kg lifting capacity, teamed up with the mighty G120 pick and carry crane to lift and manoeuvre the glass inside the building, through a restricted entrance.

Using its six durable vacuum suction cups, the Oscar 600 Offroad, with 600kg of lifting capacity then transported the 2.5 metres by 3 metres glass to its location ready to be installed.


G120 Boom with Hydraulica 1000b Glass Lifter attached manoeuvrering glass through the entrance

The Oscar 600 Offroad is only 922mm wide, which made tracking through the building trouble free and accessing the install area easy. It is ideal for operation in confined spaces thanks to its practical multifunctional steering wheel and remote control.

This glazing robot can safely handle heavy glass and other flat non-porous materials, making it perfect for installing oversize glass for projects like these. Its extra-long telescopic lifting arm, provides up to 1180mm of reach for lifting 300kg loads, ensuring precision installation every time.

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