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GGR’s mini cranes and vacuum lifters are fast becoming stars of the small screen as we have recently been popping up all over the place on two of our favourite construction and renovation programmes, Channel 4’s Grand Designs and The Restoration Man.

On the latest episode of Grand Designs (Series 9, Episode 5), a pair of our most popular glass vacuum lifters were used to install glass to a big budget renovation project where a derelict Grade II listed water tower in central London was transformed into an epic modern home.  The DSZ2 lifter expertly lifted 500kg panels into place to create glass walkways between the water tower and adjacent lift shaft, whilst a slimline 320kg capacity MRT4 glass sucker carefully moved panels in between the tower’s façade and scaffolding.

An MRT4 lifter was also used on a recently repeated episode of Grand Designs (Series 7, Episode 4), but this time with a Glassmax 250 manual hoist. After we provided training on how to use this lifting solution, the on-site team was able to fit unitized glazing to the world’s first computer cut house in Hertfordshire, precisely positioning the windows with some GGR3 hand cups.

Grand Designs host Kevin MCloud is used to seeing our equipment on site, but on a recent episode of Channel 4’s The Restoration Man (Series 2, Episode 1), George Clarke became acquainted with one of our UNIC spider cranes on his project. To transform a rundown windmill in Kent into a new family home, a 2.9 tonne capacity UNIC URW-376 mini crane was used to lift specially made large format glass panels into position to link the windmill tower and the next door barn.

Other pieces of GGR equipment which have made their television debuts on Grand Designs include a Hydraulica 1200 and MRTA611 installing an enormous roof light, a UNIC URW-506 mini crane installing steelwork and a Four-In-Line lifter fitting cathedral style windows.

We’ve been on the box on so much recently maybe we should start our own TV show, but in the meantime take a look at the GGR Group TV on Youtube. Keep an eye out for GGR when you’re flicking through the channels, but don’t blame us if you get square eyes!

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