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UNIC URW-706 rescues dumper from canal

When a quick, safe and compact lifting solution was urgently needed to retrieve this compact dumper from a canal, one our GGR UNIC mini cranes came to the rescue.

A 6 tonne capacity UNIC URW-706 mini spider crane was chosen to lift the 2 tonne dumper truck back onto dry land. With restricted access and limited space to work in on the site, the UNIC crane’s minimal dimensions meant it could easily work canalside, without ending up in the canal itself!

GGR mini crane lifts compact dumper

As the mini crane was able to reach the lifting location and get set up in no time at all, the dumper was soon out of the water. This shows how extra care needs to be taken when working in confined spaces and around obstacles.

This isn’t the first time a UNIC mini crane has been used for rescuing objects from canals that shouldn’t be there.  A UNIC URW-706 model lifted a 1.5 tonne Ford Fiesta out of a canal lock in Chadderton, Greater Manchester when unfortunately the car had been stolen and left in the canal 4 metres below ground level.

UNIC URW-706 lifting car out of canal

A UNIC URW-506 crane also appeared on an episode of TV drama The Bill back in 2005 when it was seen retrieving a chest from a canal.

GGR’s compact cranes are often used to lift other plant equipment when it gets into trouble. For example, two UNIC URW-295 mini cranes lifted a 2900kg cherry picker that had fallen over back onto its feet at the Copper Box stadium’s handball court for the London 2012 Olympics.

UNIC crane working at Copper Box Olympic stadium

To find out more about how our range of UNIC mini cranes can provide a fast solution for your lifting emergencies please contact your nearest GGR depot where our customer services team can tell you more about our products and services.

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