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5GGR Rail provides safe and accredited lifting equipment for all areas of railway infrastructure, from track maintenance to station construction and refurbishment.  The future looks bright for the sector as an upward trend in usage of Britain’s rail network continues, with the number of passenger journeys rising again in 2013-14 to nearly 1.6 billion.

In order to meet current demand and future growth, the UK rail network is drawing in major investment and generating significant business opportunities for companies. The sector is economically important; it draws £2.3bn of revenue with profits of over £230m. The sector also pays just over £530m to wages, creating jobs for thousands of people.

SAMSUNGThe growth of the industry has been driven by a number of factors: government capital expenditure and demand from intercity passenger rail transport, from urban passenger rail operations, and from freight rail transport. The extensive regeneration to the London network through large projects like Crossrail and Thameslink will continue to drive investment and growth in the rail sector.

Using our world renowned mini spider cranes, unique rail panel lifters and PTS trained operators GGR Rail is the essential railway partner for restricted access lifting. Our mini spider cranes and lifting equipment have full Network Rail Product Acceptance and are all available to hire, along with our PTS trained operators.

IMG_4441 comGGR Rail is also Link-Up Proof Audited and has vast experience working with Network Rail projects across the UK.  Our rail customers choose GGR Rail because we deliver safer, faster and more cost effective results for their railway maintenance projects.

Investment in infrastructure is expected to propel industry growth over the next five years as the government has committed to significant investment in the UK rail network. In January 2013, Network Rail announced a £37.5 billion investment programme for the five years of control period 5 (CP5), which runs until March 2019.

Take a look at some of the work GGR Rail has already completed:

Electrification work

Steel erection

Maintenance work

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