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Geko glazing robot installs glass at Liverpool Tesco ExpressCheck out GGR’s range of mini cranes, vacuum lifters and glazing robots being used at supermarkets up and down the country to tackle tricky glazing tasks.

Whether installing external, internal or canopy glass, our compact machines are ideal for getting into tight spaces and restricted access areas at massive super stores and city centre convenience shops alike for new build work and reglazing projects.

Replacing damaged panels is quick and simple thanks to GGR’s robotic glazing machines. This Geko + MRT4 glazing robot removed and replaced glass units broken during riots at a Tesco Express store in Liverpool.

A GL-UMC600 robotic glass manipulator and UNIC URW-095 spider crane were able to safely lift out this broken window from behind a trolley bay at this store.

GL-UMC600 attachment and mini crane removing broken glass at supermarketAt Tesco in Oldham, this UNIC URW-095 spider crane was able to work within a limited space to lift replacement glass over the store’s travelators. Once unloaded in the downstairs car park, the crane was tracked up a ramp to reach the upstairs entrance where it used a P11104 Four-in-Line glass vacuum lifter to install the 120kg panels.

GGR’s smallest and largest mini cranes are also used to help build new supermarkets, such as this Tesco in Pontypridd, Wales. A UNIC URW-095 and MRT4 vacuum lifter installed an impressive 70 glass panels in just one day, using a searcher hook to fit the units close to the overhead canopy.

UNIC URW-095 installing glazing with MRT4

A 10 tonne capacity UNIC URW-1006 mini crane also used an MRT4 lifter to install high level canopy glass to a new Tesco store in West Bromwich. Fitted with a searcher hook to provide extra reach, the mini crane lifted the 250kg glass panel from a ground level stillage to a 15 metre height, over the catch netting and into position.

To find out more about GGR’s range of practical glazing solutions contact us today.

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