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An MCC805 mini crawler crane was hired from GGR to replace transformers at East Claydon Substation, Buckinghamshire. This compact crane features a hydraulic blade mounted on the front of the chassis designed to even-out any rough terrain and self-level the crane when working on gradients of up to 13 degrees. The 8 tonne capacity mini crane travelled easily across the uneven, graveled ground with its hard-wearing steel tracks.

An optional 3m to 6m long fly jib with a 3 tonne safe working load is also available with this crane and provides an excellent lifting height and 18.5m working radius, both of which are unbeatable for this class of compact crane.

The battery powered Galizia F200E Plus model was commissioned to work at a substation in Leicester to uninstall six old 2.9 tonne transformers and replace them with new ones. Thanks to the pick and carry crane’s narrow 2.3 metre wide chassis, front wheel drive and 180° hydraulic steering, the F200E could be easily manoeuvre around obstacles and through narrow access points on the site.

The F200E Plus pick and carry crane is also ideal for handling, carrying and assembling machinery, F200E is a battery powered crane with zero emissions making it ideal for working in sensitive environments like this and in food manufacturing and water treatment plants.

UNIC URW-095 mini crane was hired from GGR Group to lift station post insulators into position inside this small plant room with restricted access and very limited space to work in. The crane’s multi-positionable outriggers allowed GGR’s operator to work in a number of set up locations around obstacles such as the large steel frame which the post insulators were being placed on top of.

With its versatile outrigger configurations, the 095 mini crane can also work on uneven surfaces and slopes, whilst its tracked mobility enables the crane to travel over rough terrain and even climb stairs.

The Lift-Smart Advanced Safety System of the 095 mini crane includes turnover protection with stability warning lamps and alarm, all of which help prevent the risk of the crane tipping. Optional 300kg searcher hook and 700kg searcher hook and flyjib are available with the URW-095, which are ideal for lifting under soffits and overhangs.

Find out more about how our range of mini cranes can help with your substation and power projects in our gallery here.

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