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Pick and Carry Machine Removal

The G120 pick and carry crane was recently hired from GGR Group to help lift and move stainless steel plant, at this chocolate factory in the UK.

Fully battery powered, the G120 is the ideal machine for operating in sensitive environments such as this due its zero emissions operation. It features solid rubber wheels, enabling it to easily move across internal polished floors.

Featuring a lifting capacity of up to 12 tonnes, the G120 pick and carry crane had the reach and power to lift these 5 tonnes pieces of plant from the mezzanine, to the floor below. A searcher hook was also used to help provide that extra bit of reach whilst lifting.

Pick and Carry Machine Removal

Pick and Carry Machine Removal

GGR’s range of pick and carry cranes have proven to be the perfect lifting aid when it comes to lifting and moving plant in food processing factories due to their heavy lifting capacity and small working footprint.

The compact nature of these machines means that lifting operations can take place in one area of the plant, without impacting the overall productivity of the production line.

A G120 pick and carry crane truly is a great piece of lifting equipment for working in industrial and sensitive environments.

Find out more about this product and its applications here.

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