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thursday comUNIC Cranes Europe, part of GGR Group Ltd, has introduced two brand new and unique additions to our range of compact lifting machines—the URW295-2 and URW706-2 spider cranes –which make their debut at Intermat Paris this week.

The new mini cranes retain all the benefits of the popular URW-295 and URW-706 models including an excellent lift-to-weight ratio for their compact size, yet they boast a fully hydraulic searcher hook and fly jib to give customers extra flexibility and reach.

The new 700kg hydraulic searcher hook for the 2.9t capacity URW295-2 will increase the overall hook height by 39% to an impressive 12.2m and a wider radius of 11.6m.   The crane’s hydraulic fly jib offers an 11.6m hook height and a tilt angle range of 0-60 degrees.  Meanwhile, the URW706-2 boasts a maximum hook height of 25.9m with its 800kg hydraulic searcher hook, or 24.5m height with the hydraulic fly jib which also features 0-60 degree tilt angle options.

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Both hydraulic jib and hook are designed to give customers greater control and help save time, with the ability to fine-tune the position of a load when closer to the installation point without the need to reset the entire position of the crane.  Customers can overcome tricky obstacles on site and still lift in the tightest of conditions thanks to the cranes’ compact width and lightweight design.

IMG_2849 comGraeme Riley, Chief Executive Officer of Unic Cranes Europe says, “The UNIC URW295-2 and UNIC URW295-2 are great additions to our versatile UNIC range and we are excited to showcase them at Intermat 2015. Our ever expanding fleet means that we can bring efficient and safe lifting solutions to an even wider breadth of industries.”

The new compact cranes retain the practical features of other UNIC models, including the latest safe load indicator technology with high resolution colour screen display, a user-friendly radio remote control with data logging, working area limitation and intelligent throttle activation for fuel economy.

Both of these new model mini spider cranes are making their debut appearances at the UNIC Cranes Europe stand E5 J 016 at the Intermat 2015 exhibition in Paris from 20th to 25th April 2015.

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