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Working in a fast-paced environment like the construction industry often means relying on various companies to deliver supplies within a specified time slot. With plant hire in high demand all across Britain it is important that GGR Group is able to efficiently transport all types of plant machinery. GGR Group values the time of their customers and always aims to deliver above and beyond expectations. Through the investment into their new transport fleet consisting of three Sprinter vans and a powerful 32-tonne trailer truck equipped with a crane attachment, GGR Group is sure to meet demand.

Sprinter Vans: It’s in the Name

One of three new Sprinter vans.

One of three new Sprinter vans.

GGR Group’s addition of the brand-new sprinter vans is to be spread across their three depots. The Sprinter vans allow fast delivery to be achieved across all parts of the country. Able to get out on the road at a moment’s notice with easy loading due to their handy lifting platform at the end of the truck’s bed customer’s demands are able to be met swiftly.

Depot Optimisation

By assigning one Sprinter van to each of the three depots, GGR Group ensures that goods and equipment are transported seamlessly between locations. This optimisation strategy helps reduce turnaround time and increase overall operational efficiency.

Reliability and Safety

Chosen for their reliability and advanced safety features the new Sprinter vans will be an advantageous addition to the fleet. Able to ‘sprint’ between locations the depots will have no problem making quick deliveries to GGR customers.

The Mighty Trailer Truck: Tackling Tight Access Deliveries

In response to the demand for a truck that could tackle the many tight access projects GGR Group attends, we added this 32-tonne trailer truck to the fleet. Fitted with a crane attachment and detachable trailer GGR Group is able to benefit from an increased transport carrying volume and better project access.

Articulated arm crane attachment for the trailer truck.

Articulated arm crane attachment for the trailer truck.

Multi-Purpose Bed

The versatile truck bed can carry an array of GGR’s cranes, glazing robots, and more enabling access to their impressive plant machinery across Britain. This asset is the perfect size for loads of various capacities while still being able to go out for day-to-day tasks.

Detachable Trailer

Providing flexibility in transporting various types of cargo the trailer truck is able to adapt to the specific needs of each delivery, ensuring efficient use of resources. With the detachable trailer, GGR Group can reduce the need for additional vehicles when transporting multiple machines or extra attachments.

Crane Attachment

As the main highlight of this truck, the crane attachment was a requirement for the new addition to GGR’s transport fleet. The crane will benefit restricted access projects by allowing the operator to lift plant machinery over fences, walls, and other structures that pose a challenge in getting around. It has the capability to lift the UNIC URW-706 Mini Spider Crane, a specialized piece of equipment. This crane’s precision and lifting capacity make it indispensable for the GGR Group’s operations.

Stabilisation with Outriggers

To ensure safe and precise lifting, the trailer truck comes equipped with outriggers. These extendable supports provide stability during crane operations, even in challenging conditions. This is essential as lifting heavy machinery, especially in urban areas, can quickly turn dangerous when surrounded by buildings and pedestrians.


GGR Group’s transport fleet expansion represents a strategic move to meet the ever-changing demands of the transportation and logistics industry. The addition of three 3.5-tonne Sprinter vans and a powerful 32-tonne trailer truck with a crane attachment underscores their commitment to efficiency, safety, and adaptability. To find out more about our transport options click here or contact one of our team members.

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