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GGR Group are the no.1 for lifting solutions, offering quality mini cranes, plant machinery, vacuum lifters, and other innovative products. With GGR’s continued efforts to diversify the construction equipment market, we have introduced a range of innovative products to the UK market. Offering our customers equipment that reaches a standard of excellence and can get the job done.

Where it All Began

Starting from humble beginnings in 1995 GGR Group was founded by brother and sister, Graeme and Gill Riley. The company initially started as GGR Glass Services hiring out glass vacuum lifters to their customers. Quickly gaining popularity Gill and Graeme started to expand their range of lifting solutions and secured exclusive UK dealerships with many companies across the world. By 2001 GGR had deals with American Dealer, Woods Powr-Grip, and Japanese Dealer, UNIC, for their Mini Spider Cranes.

17m Electric Telehander. The largest in the range and part of the Faresin ‘Big Range Full Electric’ series.

17m Electric Telehander. The largest in the range and part of the Faresin ‘Big Range Full Electric’ series.

Where We Are Today

With more than 25 years in the industry, GGR Group are now no.1 for lifting solutions. GGR Group expanded across the UK, now with three depots in Greater Manchester, Buckinghamshire, and Lanarkshire. The demand for our products has continued to grow and with depots covering three areas of Briton, we are able to ensure our customers have access to all our range.

GGR Group has been a pioneer in the introduction of carbon-neutral technology in the UK. 90% of our fleet is battery-operated, mechanically operated, or offers a battery-operated alternative to our diesel-powered machines. As part of our efforts to reach net zero we have continued to expand our fleet of environmentally friendly equipment.

This green approach to the future of GGR Group has led to the introduction of many innovative products. New products such as the UNIC ECO-Crane launched in 2014 and the Faresin Electric Telehandler launched in 2020 have brought sustainable lifting power to the industry like never before. In 2021 GGR also announced their decision to introduce HVO fuel as an alternative to mineral diesel throughout their fleet. This fuel option would reduce emissions by up to 90% while still maintaining the same performance as diesel.

What We Can Do for You

At GGR our specialist team is dedicated to finding the best lifting solution for all of our customers. This includes finding bespoke lifting products and assisting you from beginning to end of the journey if needed. As we have such an extensive range of products we have guaranteed that all of our customers are able to benefit from their features. This is through our offering of operator hire and contract lifts. This means GGR will provide their skilled team to ensure that you complete your lift correctly.

Cranes for All Jobs

Our cranes provide compact lifting power for jobs that require work inside small spaces and limited access. One of the most iconic jobs where our Mini Spider Crane’s proved their ability was in the building of The Shard. This amazing project required the lifting of a URW-706 by tower crane to the top of the skyscraper. From there the crane lifted 440 glass panels for a total of 11 weeks to complete the project in time for the Olympic Games.

The TMC 525 Articulated Crawler Crane has recently completed a job that required compact strength and reach. This crane performed a blind lift over a 15m stretch of a building to remove 500kg steel trusses. With a small set-up space of just 5.6m wide, the TMC 525 had a mid-rig set-up to enable it to both fit in this space and lift the trusses. These features as well as the 16.85m working radius allowed the project to be completed smoothly.

TMC 525 Articulated Crawler Crane at Leeds Industrial Museum.

TMC 525 Articulated Crawler Crane at Leeds Industrial Museum.


Our extensive experience in supplying construction machinery and tools has allowed us to build a name for ourselves. Known for our bespoke lifting solutions and introducing original products to the market we have the knowledge to advise all our customers on what lifting solutions you require.

Our specialists range from our sales team to appointed persons to our operators. Each step of the way GGR Group has staff that can supply you with all the knowledge you need. Through our contract lifts, you will receive everything that is essential to a safe lift including a site survey, lift plan, risk assessment, and a dedicated contract lift team. Or if you only need some of these, we can customise the support we provide.

Dealers Abroad

As the official European master dealer for Furukawa UNIC and their Mini Spider Cranes, we have expanded our dealer network to 28 countries. These include France, Germany, Iceland, South Africa, and more. Through these dealers, we are able to reach our customers worldwide and offer them compact lifting solutions.

UNIC Mini Spider Cranes offer versatile uses across all 28 countries, suited to all their different terrain and weather types. With 4 large outriggers, these cranes support loads disproportionate to their size. This is while still reserving enough space to fit into the most confined spaces.


GGR Group’s long-running training centres allow our customers to learn how to operate our machinery themselves. So this enables them to save time and money when needing machinery operated regularly. Through our accredited training courses, customers are also able to expand their abilities and offer more varied skills to their own customers.

After many years of success in our regular training courses, GGR took a step into the future with our new eLearning courses. This offers the chance to learn new skills from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. These accredited courses do an in-depth dive into all the knowledge you need to operate a range of lifting equipment.


Here at GGR Group we always aim to be the perfect partner for all our customers. With the hundreds of products we supply, lifting assistance, our many dealers, and training available we’ll always have a solution to your lifting problems. To speak to our experts call us or contact us here.

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