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Earlier this year we launched our anti-idling campaign to help educate our drivers on the environmental impact of engine idling.

Engine idling is where drivers leave their engine running while their vehicle isn’t moving, which can ultimately waste fuel and money, whilst also impacting negatively on the environment.

Stopping unnecessary vehicle idling is one relatively easy way to help improve air quality and the respiratory and cardiovascular health of people in our communities and help create a greener planet.

GGR Group have ensured its drivers are aware of the impact of engine idle running through toolbox talks and drivers meetings on a regular basis. Our vehicle replacement scheme ensures that any new vehicle replacements are Euro 6 approved and are equipped with electric power packs to operate the rear ramps of the vehicle to reduce vehicle idling time on a whole. More so, all current GGR vehicles over 3.5t, have ant-idling software fitted and in action.

The Facts about Engine Idling

For every 1 litre of fuel used by a diesel engine, 2.64 kg of CO2 is released into the atmosphere. How can that be? During combustion, the carbon in the fuel reacts with oxygen in the air to produce carbon dioxide CO2

The Highway Code states that ‘you must not leave a parked vehicle unattended with the engine running or leave a vehicle engine running unnecessarily while the vehicle is stationary on a public road.

Let tackle Engine Idling together for a greener, cleaner planet.


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