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GGR Group’s handywork glistened in the background of the grand re-opening of the Odeon in Leicester Square, London.

The Odeon in Leicester Square is one of London’s most popular venues for hosting red-carpet events for some of the UK’s biggest premiers. After closing for refurbishment in January 2018, the iconic cinema unveiled its new look in late December. The re-designed building includes a brand-new, glass covered balcony, which was installed with precision thanks to GGR Group’s unrivalled lifting equipment. With heavy loads ranging from 170kg to 393kg, GGR Group supplied the MRTA611 vacuum lifter along with the mighty UNIC URW-706 mini spider crane to help create movie magic.

UNIC URW-706 at The Odeon

UNIC URW-706 at The Odeon

GGR Group had to lift 30 double glazed glass units and 14 glass beams and put one of its best vacuum lifters on this project. The MRTA611 is designed to lift longer pieces of glass which made it a perfect fit for installing some of the 1287mm x 4391mm glass screens. Fitted with six-in-line suction pads, one of GGR Group’s more slender glass vacuum lifers allowed the glass to be lifted with precision and control.

GGR Group’s trusty glass vacuum lifter also had some help from the UNIC URW-706, which provided a lifting height of 9 metres. This UNIC Crane is capable of handling loads of 6 tonnes to a height of 3 metres, one of the many reasons it made such a loyal partner to the MRTA611. Both flexibility and power are the UNIC URW-706’s strongest characteristics, making this particular mini spider crane fit for the job.

Together, the MRTA611 vacuum lifter and the UNIC URW-706 were the perfect combination to help spruce up the image of one of the UK’s biggest, star-studded cinemas. The new glass balcony sits just below a huge digital billboard and also forms part of the main entrance, allowing GGR Group’s heavy lifting work to stand out to the London crowd.

It only made sense for GGR Group, the UK’s leading lifting solution specialists to play the leading role in London’s newest adventure.

For more information on the Powr-Grip MRTA611 and the UNIC URW-706, click here.

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