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GGR Group, a renowned leader in the construction and specialist lifting industry, is delighted to announce its recent triumph at the esteemed 2023 CN Specialists Awards. The company has been honoured with the prestigious Training Excellence Award, recognising their exceptional commitment to providing top-notch training courses in crane operations, vacuum lifters, glazing robots, and more, to individuals both in and outside of the organisation.

In addition to this remarkable achievement, GGR Group’s dedication to nurturing talent was further acknowledged with a shortlisting for the Apprentice of the Year category. Rob Wilde, an Apprentice Engineer at GGR Group, was among the finalists, highlighting the company’s investment in developing the next generation of specialists.

Furthermore, GGR Group’s innovative approach to specialist construction and product development received recognition with nominations in two additional categories: Outstanding Contribution to Specialist Construction and Product Innovation of the Year (Non-Contractor) for their groundbreaking 17m Full Electric Telehandler.

GGR Group’s Training Excellence Award underscores their unwavering commitment to enhancing skills and expertise not only within their workforce but also for individuals seeking specialised training. The company offers a wide range of accredited training courses that cover crane operation, vacuum lifters, glazing robots, and various other specialised equipment, making them a go-to resource for industry professionals. These courses are delivered by experienced professionals who impart their knowledge and expertise, contributing to safer and more efficient practices across the construction and lifting sector.

In 2022, GGR Group further expanded its training offerings by launching a series of cutting-edge eLearning courses. These eLearning programs have enabled remote access to high-quality training, allowing industry professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills conveniently. The courses have been met with high praise for their accessibility and effectiveness in delivering critical knowledge.

Daniel Ezzatvar, Special Products and Marketing Director, receiving the Training Excellence Award.

Daniel Ezzatvar, Special Products and Marketing Director, receiving the Training Excellence Award.

The judging panel noted their reasons for selecting GGR Group for this prestigious reward: “The judges awarded our highly innovative winners due to their dedication to training. Judges said training was truly at the heart of their company and available to all. Our winners provided strong evidence of cross-skilling within their teams, highlighting how they deliberately train their hire desk staff in operating equipment and machinery so the best advice and guidance can be given to their customers.

Speaking about their recent success, Graeme Riley, CEO at GGR Group, commented, “Receiving the Training Excellence Award from the CN Specialists Awards is a testament to our ongoing commitment to providing top-tier training courses to industry professionals. We firmly believe that sharing knowledge and expertise benefits the entire industry, and this recognition motivates us to continue raising the bar.”

GGR Group extends their gratitude to the CN Specialists Awards for the recognition and congratulates all the other nominees and winners for their outstanding contributions to the industry.


With over two decades of offering training services to our customers, we have built up a large catalogue of courses available to industry professionals. We feel that education should be accessible to all operators, expert or novice, so have introduced eLearning to our offerings without the loss of essential learning. To discover more about the courses available to you browse our courses here or contact our dedicated team here.

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