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UNIC URW-376 glazing lift shaftGGR’s UNIC mini cranes are so portable and lightweight that they can work on a building’s ground floor, top floor and every floor in-between.   This makes them perfect for working around obstacles and in restricted access areas to create modern glazed lift shafts, like this one in a university building.

The UNIC URW-376 mini crane used its impressive reach to lift glass panels onto two sides of the lift shaft from the ground floor.  A 320kg capacity MRT4 glass vacuum lifter installed most of the units but a P11104 Four-in-Line model was used instead where space was more limited because of posts and other obstacles.

To fit glass onto the sides of the lift shaft that the UNIC URW-376 couldn’t reach from the ground, a 0.995t capacity UNIC URW-095 mini crane worked from two upper levels. Designed for interior access, the 600mm wide UNIC URW-095 weighs just 1850kg so could be transported via the goods lift and work on the low point loading areas.

UNIC URW-095 working in between floorsUNIC mini cranes are quick and simple to set up so the crane was moved into various tight spaces and tricky positions around the building to reach each installation point. This pair of spider cranes successfully installed a total of 32 glass panels all four sides of the lift shaft.

Here’s another example of a UNIC URW-095 installing lift shaft glazing in-between floors, this time at Denmark’s biggest shopping centre, Field’s in Copenhagen.




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