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Gong Lifting Equus Altus at Trinity Leedshey fat choy! Today is Chinese New Year and the start of the year of the Horse. More specifically, this is the year of the Wood Horse which according to the Chinese zodiac is a lucky year which promises to bring unexpected adventures, victories and unexpected romances!

However, when it comes to horses we prefer ours made out of steel, like sculptor Andy Scott’s famous equine creations which GGR has been lucky enough to work on. A UNIC URW-706 mini spider crane helped to construct and install Andy Scott’s “Equus Altus” sculpture at Trinity Leeds shopping centre. The horse was made from galvanized steel tiles and was assembled on the ground by our mini crane before being lifted up onto a 10 metre tall column.

GGR’s mini cranes also worked around “The Kelpies”, two giant 30 metre tall horses heads in Falkirk, Scotland. A UNIC URW-506 mini crane worked alongside these beasts as it helped build lock gates and walkways to canals at The Helix Project.

UNIC mini crane at The Kelpies Hub

There was also no horsing around for GGR on a lifting job at Chester Racecourse where UNIC mini cranes and Galizia pick and carry cranes installed a metal staircase. The Horse is the 7th sign of the Chinese Zodiac as legend says it came in 7th place in the race across the river which determined which 12 animals made it into the zodiac and in what order.

Thanks to their bright red paintwork, UNIC mini cranes bring plenty of good luck wherever they go as Chinese culture believes that red is a lucky colour which can scare away bad fortune and evil spirits. According to Chinese mythology, New Year started when a monster called Nian came to the villages to eat all their food and even their children! The Nian is afraid of the colour red and loud noises, this is why fireworks are set off and homes are covered with red decorations at New Year.

It is a New Year tradition to give red envelopes containing money as presents, which should be kept under your pillow and slept on for seven days to guarantee good fortune for the year ahead.  The Chinese word for “red” also means “prosperous”. Find out more about our favourite colour in our latest infographic.

Now excuse us while we Feng Shui our office!

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