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MRTA8 Vacuum LiftersGGR has taken delivery of their newest glass vacuum lifters, the MRTA8 Quadra-Tilt. As the official Wood’s Powr-Grip dealer, GGR are delighted to have the very first ten machines that have been produced of this new model in their fleet. The machines, which have serial numbers 1-10 will be the first in the UK. Based on the design of the popular MRTA6, the MRTA8 Quadra-Tilt boasts an impressive increase in lift capacity. In the construction industry there is an ever increasing demand for larger glass and heavier curtain wall components, vacuum lifter capacity has had to keep up with the trend.

The brand new MRTA8 Quadra-Tilt vacuum lifters have been designed with eight vacuum pads giving it an impressive 635kg of lifting power. A redesigned lift bar gives the MRTA8 Quadra-Tilt greater structural capacity, whilst the rotation pin with its 6-bolt pattern and larger shaft have been added to increase strength – features that are vital to accommodate the higher lifting capacity. Quick connects on the MRTA8 Quadra-Tilt’s eight vacuum pads mean that the machine can be reconfigured quickly to suit the job in hand.

MRTA8 Quadra-Tilt Vacuum Lifters Serial Number 1Like the MRTA6, the MRTA8 Quadra-Tilt has a four bar tilt mechanism, allowing the movement of loads between flat and upright positions to be carried out with ease. The 360° manual rotation with automatic locking at each ¼ revolution and assisted tilt 90° between upright and flat make these machines the perfect choice when lifting heavier glass, sheet metal and composite materials. The MRTA8 Quadra-Tilt, like its predecessors, has the added safety of a dual circuit system, allowing the lifter to maintain vacuum power with one circuit if the other should unexpectedly fail.  The MRTA8 Quadra-Tilt comes with the option of a remote control and a number of different pad sizes to suit the lifting needs of any project.

GGR Group has been bringing the newest, most innovative vacuum lifting equipment to the UK market since 1995, CEO Graeme Riley said:

 Architects and contractors are no longer restricted by the way a building is glazed thanks to the ground-breaking equipment we’ve brought to the UK over the years. Our vacuum lifters have helped glaze some of the most prestigious and challenging projects in the UK, including the London Olympics Aquatic centre, The Shard, The Strata ‘Razor’ Tower, St Mary’s Axe and more recently London’s Crossrail stations amongst many others. Contractors feel reassured that when they use our equipment, their project is in the safest hands.

Woods Powr-Grip Vacuum LiftersGGR Group recently celebrated its fifteenth year as the UK’s official dealership and service centre for the world-renowned vacuum lifter manufacturers Woods Powr-Grip. GGR is accredited as the only authorized Woods Powr-Grip service centre in the UK and also boasts the only official dealerships for vacuum lifters from manufacturers Pankoke, Kappel and Wirth.

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