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GGR’s mini spider cranes can provide quick and simple lifting solutions for handling glass, steel and stone at swimming pools. As Team GB’s aquatic athletes cause a splash at the London 2012 Olympic Games, here’s how our cranes have made waves of their own on poolside projects.

Last year a Unic URW-506 was used to help fit glass panels to the inside of the 50 metre pool at the Olympic Aquatic Centre which will be used for competitions during the London 2012 games.  To quickly install 4.5 metre glass units underneath the pool’s starting blocks, one of GGR’s mini spider cranes was used with a Hydraulica 1000 vacuum lifter.


Another Unic URW-506 crane worked alongside a 6 tonne capacity Unic URW-706 to help refurbish the Royal Commonwealth swimming pool in Edinburgh, which was originally built to host competitions at the Commonwealth Games in 1970. These mini cranes were used to work inside the listed building, moving concrete supports to create seating areas and install stone spiral staircases leading up to diving boards.

From chilly Scotland to the desert heat, a Unic URW-506 spider crane was also used to glaze a luxury swimming pool at the President of the United Arab Emirates’ new palace. Using another Hydraulica 1000 lifter to handle the large glass panels, the compact crane was easily able to work around a 6 metre overhang to lower the units into the pool.

Smaller Unic spider cranes are also popular choices for poolside lifting jobs, such as this miniature machine which was moved through the changing rooms at an indoor pool in Iceland to assist with a difficult glazing job.

This Unic URW-095 visited Greenacre School in Barnsley to fit a safety beam to their hydrotherapy pool. This crane could reach the restricted access area easily and lift the 400kg beam to a 3.5m radius from its position in a doorway.

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