By: Kelly Holdaway On: March 28, 2014 In: Blog Comments: 0

GGR Group transport fleetLeading the way on health and safety is a big priority for GGR Group, so we’re pleased to announce that we are now officially a Silver status FORS accredited company.

After gaining bronze status in June 2013, GGR has now achieved Silver status and are one of only 100 companies in the UK who currently hold this accreditation. Many construction sites in London are now on board with this scheme and are insisting that any companies they use for transport meet the FORS standard like GGR.

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme is an initiative from Transport for London which aims to improve freight distribution in London and reduce CO² emissions, accidents and congestion by recognizing good working practice.

Read more about GGR’s very own FORS accredited transport fleet which is delivering our plant equipment to customers safer and more efficiently than ever.

To find out more about FORS accreditation visit


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