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GF200 Pick and Carry Crane A GF200 pick and carry crane recently helped lift a large machine from a building in Liverpool.

The machine, which weighed in at 1.5 tonnes had to be lifted from inside the building, carried through narrow a corridor and loaded onto a wagon.

The GF200 pick and carry crane had to travel and carry an 8m x 1.7m x 1m load through a doorway with a width of 4 metres. With a chassis of just 2.3 metres, this pick and carry crane is the ideal for lifting within confined spaces such as this.

This pick and carry crane has been developed with 180° rear hydraulic turning, for optimum control when turning and travelling with loads. Benefiting from no outriggers, this crane is highly manoeuvrable when picking and placing heavy loads on site.

GF200 Pick and Carry Crane Compact yet powerful, the GF200 boasts a lifting capacity of up to an impressive 20 tonne. Offering a lifting height of up to 9 metres, this crane is often used for machinery removal, making it the perfect crane for this job.

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