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Trailer CraneA Starworker 1000 trailer crane and a P11104 glass vacuum lifter helped install glass curtain walls at the Brackenhurt Campus at Nottingham University.

Weighing up to 75kg, the panels were of different shapes and sizes were lifted and placed into position as part of a brand-new lecture theatre development.

The P11104 boasts a lifting capacity of up to 320kg and is extremely versatile, offering impressive manipulation of loads due to its 180° rotation and 90° tilt functions. Its four-in-line vacuum pads make it the ideal device for lifting long and wide pieces of glass for projects like this.

For extra safety when lifting loads, this machine has been developed with Intelli-Grip technology. This lifter also operates on two separate vacuum circuits, designed to independently handle loads. Offering reliability and durability, this lifter was perfect for curtain walling work.

The Starworker 1000 trailer crane made the ideal lifting partner, boasting a maximum lifting height of up to 24.5 metres. With a width of just 2 metres and a compact chassis, this crane allows lowering of loads into tight spaces for projects of this kind.

Capable of lifting up to 1 tonne, this trailer crane is the ultimate combination of strength and high-level lifting. Working with a flexible vacuum lifter, the pair handled this curtain walling project with precision and care.

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