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Cladding lifters are used in the construction industry as a way of safely manoeuvring and installing cladding at various positions on walls and roofs. These products can typically handle very large panels that would normally be awkward to lift manually. All of our cladding lifters at GGR Group use vacuum cups to secure the load in place. This provides a safe lift, especially when installing cladding at a height.

A Clad-Man Cladding Lifter installing panels.

A Clad-Man Cladding Lifter installing panels.

Which Cladding Lifter Is Best for Me?

With so many cladding lifters to choose from it can be hard to know where to start. They are made for many purposes with many different styles. So we have created a short guide on the various cladding lifters available for you.

Forklift Verti-Clad

Suited to use with both telehandlers and forklifts you can utilise equipment you already have. Our Faresin Telehandlers are compatible with a multitude of attachments so are adaptable for many projects.

The Verti-Clad can be slotted onto your telehandler and secured to begin your cladding lift. The manual head of the lifter allows you to rotate and slew classing 90˚ left and right. This creates an easy way for you to install cladding from the side and turn it into position.

With a 400kg max working load, you can lift a range of panel sizes with ease. This product has a dual circuit vacuum system and an audio-visual low vacuum warning so you can feel reassured that the load is safely secured on its way up to be installed.


This below-the-hook cladding lifter is ideal for use with many types of cranes and has a 10-hour battery life – perfect for full-day cladding jobs. The 4 – 6-hour recharge time also means it will be ready to use as soon as you arrive on site the next morning.

Able to handle horizontal panels up to 8m, vertical panels up to 18m and roofing panels up to 16m with a 400kg safe working load you can use this lifter to install most cladding panels. The two independent vacuum circuits and an audio-visual low vacuum alarm provide you with extra security when lifting cladding.

Forklift Hydra-Clad

The Forklift Hydra-Clad cladding lifter is perfect for commercial horizontal wall and ceiling panel installation due to its tilt and swivel capability. The Hydra-Clad’s 60° hydraulic slewing and 180° hydraulic tilt function make manipulating loads up to 400kg easier on forklifts and telehandlers. With the tilt function, you can easily position overhead panels and hold them in place for installation.

Forklift Hydra-Clad can handle horizontal wall panels up to 12m and ceiling panels up to 8m. When using the optional extensions it can lift panels that are up to 15m long. This vacuum lifter also has an intelligent charger system so you can have full control over how much charge it receives.


Safe to use in the rain you can get much more done in the UK’s wet weather. There will be less need to wait around while the weather passes. The Clad-Man is also designed for lifting cladding panels up to 26 metres in length. Furthermore, the adjustable pad configurations allow you to reduce the coverage of the 8 pads to almost as small as the Clad-Man itself.

The Clad-Man has a 400kg capacity so is suitable for lifting many types of cladding. The 90˚ manual tilt function allows the user to install horizontal and vertical wall panels along with roof cladding panels. The machine also comes with 10 extension arms as standard for adjusting the size of the lifter.


GGR Group are no.1 for lifting solutions and have a large selection of cladding lifters for you to choose from. To find out more about what cladding lifter is best for you contact us by phone or clicking here.

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