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GGR Group recently assisted with the installation of steel beams for a new 1st floor store in Westfield London shopping centre.UNIC ECO-295 Mini Spider Crane lifting steel beams.

With various floor levels to contend with and the indoor environment, the project would need a machine that is light enough to be lifted via goods hoist to the lifting location, while still being able to offer heavy lifting power.

The steel beams weighed 405kg each with a length of 5000mm, this required a machine that could manoeuvre and safely lift and place the loads for installation.

Following a site survey and risk assessment, GGR’s technical team worked with the client to devise a lift plan, whilst recommending the best equipment for the project. The client had specified that they would require eco-friendly lifting machinery to help keep emissions during lifting operations as low as possible.

The UNIC ECO-295 Mini Spider Crane was chosen for its electric power source which was ideal for eradicating the build-up of fumes in the enclosed lift area. For unloading the steel beams, our 6.26 Stage V Diesel Telehandler transported the beams to the awaiting Tracked Leveller 2.5.

The chosen Telehandler features a Stage V engine offering low fuel consumption and the Tracked Leveller is also battery powered reducing pollutants in the surrounding environments. For this project, reduced CO₂ emission was paramount to our client.

UNIC ECO-295 Mini Spider Crane lifting steel beams. After the 2350kg ECO-295 was lifted by the goods hoist, GGR’s operator carefully tracked it across plywood into the retail unit. With restricted access and precision lifting needed, the ECO-295 was the best choice for seamlessly completing this lift. Fitted with four adjustable outriggers this crane is able to maintain a small working footprint with a high lifting capacity. This made fitting the ECO-295 between columns in the unit an easy task. An included radio remote control also provided the operator with the visibility needed for the various tight lifts required. This was particularly important due to the 5m length of the steel beams.

The lift supervisor guided the crane operator to lift each steel beam acting in response to the client’s directions during the final crane movements required for the installation. The crane operator held each load in place until the client confirmed they had fixed the load in position. This was repeated for each load requiring the repositioning of the crane multiple times around the unit. Aided by the crane’s manoeuvrability and simple setup outriggers this could be performed swiftly.

A great team effort from GGR’s lift supervisor, crane operator and the client’s onsite team.

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