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To make sure our customers know just how versatile and unrivalled our products are, here is a little bit of information on some of our incredible glass vacuum lifters…

MRT4 & P1104 Intelli-GripP11104

These vacuum lifters have been designed with Intelli-Grip technology to increase safety and minimise operator error when lifting.

Both vacuum lifters boast a 320kg lifting capacity whilst delivering rotation and tilt features which are used to ensure perfect positioning when manoeuvring loads into place.

Whilst the MRT4 glass vacuum lifter is ideal for wide, rectangular shaped glass panels, the P11104 glass vacuum lifter is perfect for longer, thinner pieces of glass.

Hydraulica 4000Hydraulica 4000 & 6000

THE biggest, largest lifting capacity vacuum lifters in the UK to date. These monster machines boast extremely powerful lifting capacities of up to 4 tonnes and 6 tonnes.  Extremely ideal for large-scale glazing projects.

With 360° electric powered rotation and 90° hydraulic tilt features, even the heaviest of loads can be manoeuvred easily and safely. Both lifters feature four independent vacuum circuits, providing extra strength and security.

Kombi 7411


Kombi 7211-DSG & Kombi 7411-DSG7

Two of the most versatile curved glass vacuum lifters in the range! Both vacuum lifters feature flexible swivel arms capable of swinging in and out for attachment to concave and convex surfaces.

Boasting impressive lifting capacities ranging from 250kg-750kg, these incredible machines make lifting large curved glass panels look easy. Featuring rotation and tilting functions, both lifters are capable of manipulating glass panels for precise installation.

Our wide range of vacuum lifters are capable of handling all professional glazing work.

For information on more of our glass vacuum lifters, click here.

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