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Hydraulica 2000An MCC805 mini crawler crane recently teamed up with a Hydraulica 2000 glass vacuum lifter to perform re-glazing work on an office building in London.

The replacement of a large glass panel, weighing 1.6 tonnes, required some heavy lifting power. The glass panel being replaced stood at 5.4 metres tall and 3 metres wide. With such a large surface area to be covered, a machine capable of providing a generous amount of coverage was essential.

The Hydraulica 2000 is one of the largest glass vacuum lifters in the GGR Group fleet. Boasting a lifting capacity of an impressive 2 tonnes, this mighty machine is ideal for heavy lifting of large, flat materials.

Hydraulica 2000Benefiting from features such as a 360° powered rotation and a 90° powered hydraulic tilt, this glass vacuum lifter provides ultimate precision to all glazing projects. Safety and stability are also key for this glass lifter, featuring up to six individual vacuum pumps and a low vacuum alert system.

Offering a class-beating lifting height of up to 15 metres with a boom length of up to 14.8 metres, this mini crawler crane is ideal for heavy lifting work within confined spaces. The perfect lifting partner for large-scale glazing work.

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