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A UNIC URW-506 recently assisted with the installation of a play area as part of the new building works at St George’s Urban Village in Birmingham.

A UNIC URW-506 installing a play area in Birmingham.

A UNIC URW-506 installing a play area in Birmingham.

The play area consisted of several components that needed to be pieced together for a sturdy but exciting build. These components included 90kg steel construction posts and 5 sheets of mesh, also weighing in at 90kg each. The largest part to be lifted was the slide, weighing 550kg. It takes heavy lifting power to create so much fun!

Whilst unloading the components of the play area, they were brought to the crane on a small flatbed ready to be lifted into the upright position and installed with precision in a tight area. The UNIC URW-506 is the perfect combination of flexibility and heavy lifting power so no matter the situation, the UNIC URW-506 will always deliver.

The UNIC URW-506 is a mighty mini spider crane which boasts a listing capacity of 3 tonne. One of our most compact cranes, the URW-506 can fit itself safely into any tight situation. This compact mini crane comes with an impressive safe load indicator ensuring optimum safety when lifting loads. The fun and games will soon begin but safety always comes first with our cranes!

The UNIC URW-506 ensured the fun was brought to one of Birmingham’s major residential developments ready for all to enjoy.

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