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Every workplace around the UK requires a certain level of skills and training, and construction is no exception. Most of the time any construction site will have many more health and safety rules in place due to more dangerous conditions. This means most crane operators and persons involved are required to have some kind of crane operator training and certification.

As we discussed in one of our previous blogs even though you are not required to have a crane licence when operating on private land you will still be liable for unsafe use and causing an accident. Many contractors and customers may also make it a requirement that anyone they hire has all the necessary certifications for proof that you can safely operate a crane. This makes earning your crane licence a necessity in order to find someone that will hire your services.

As well as making you hireable it will keep you and those around you safe. At GGR Group we have over 25 years of experience in the industry and have the skills and knowledge to identify unsafe practices and help train operators to a CPCS standard. For over 20 years we have offered training programmes to the public and we were the original provider of the CPCS A66 course. Below we cover the range of reasons why crane operator training and certification should be a priority.

MCC805 Mini Crawler Crane lifting playground parts.

MCC805 Mini Crawler Crane lifting playground parts.


By gaining the correct qualifications and training for operating a crane you can enhance safety all around your work site. An untrained operator is a dangerous one as any mistake you make can lead to injuries and fatalities. Cranes weigh an incredible amount and also lift objects that are just as heavy. Things can easily go wrong when an inexperienced operator gets behind the controls, such as running into things when moving it, dropping loads, swinging the boom or loads into things, tipping the crane, and much more.

When you undergo training you will be taught all the proper ways to set up and handle a crane, including how to follow instructions from a crane supervisor. This will provide you with the knowledge of how to handle various challenges when on site such as calculating how much of the SWL a load may take up of your crane.

Reduced Risk of Accidents

After being fully trained operators are much more likely to identify the risks associated with a lift. Job specifications can change by the minute, so it is important that crane operators are able to adjust accordingly. When facing a new challenge such as weather or terrain changes the operator will be able to assess the capabilities of their crane and adjust it to the situation.

Receive Better Knowledge

Although you may be able to legally operate a crane on private land without a licence you can miss out on a lot of benefits by not receiving proper training. If you are just learning as you go along it can often mean you might miss out on essential knowledge such as the meaning of instructional hand signals or how to properly assess the safety of a crane. Missing out on crucial information can be detrimental to how smoothly a job will go or if you potentially hurt someone.

Career Advancement

As many job sites in modern times often require that crane operators have an appropriate crane licence as well as other accreditations it can mean there is a very slim chance you will receive consistent work without one. Through having a licence you can give any new employer or client the reassurance that you are a professional that can get the job done. Having a licence also means that you are no longer just restricted to operating on private land, broadening your options. Crane operators with licences are in much higher demand and can also, therefore, request higher salaries for using their skills.

GGR Group's TMC 25 Articulated Crawler Crane and Hydraulica 1200 Glass Vacuum Lifter installing glazing at a shopping centre.

GGR Group’s TMC 25 Articulated Crawler Crane and Hydraulica 1200 Glass Vacuum Lifter installing glazing at a shopping centre.


As the no.1 for lifting solutions with over 20 years of providing accredited crane courses GGR Group is here to help. If you would like to receive more information on what crane courses are available and which are suited to you contact us here.

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