By: Melissa Nichols On: October 17, 2017 In: Blog Comments: 0

2017-10-17-PHOTO-00000244When a broken glass canopy outside the Radisson hotel needed to be replaced, a UNIC URW-095 mini spider crane and operator were hired from GGR Group to help complete the project.

Working in the limited space outside the entrance to the hotel in central Birmingham, the 0.995 tonne capacity compact crane was fitted with a GL-UMC600 glass manipulator head to install the 160kg canopy glass with precision.

The versatile GL-UMC 600 is designed to attach directly to the UNIC crane boom; it is independently powered and has electric actuators that allow precise movement of glass loads.

2017-10-17-PHOTO-00000249This attachment comes with 95° rotation, 40° swivel and 120° tilt, which allowed the crane operator to manoeuvre the canopy glass into the perfect install position. The GL-UMC600 gives customers the added advantage of the crane’s boom allowing canopy glazing to be seamlessly removed or installed.

The UNIC URW-095 mini spider crane is one of the most popular mini cranes in the industry thanks to its versatile outriggers, making it perfect for a range of terrains. Small and compact, it can work in some of the most restricted areas and causes minimal disruption to site, making it perfect for a project of this nature where working in a public area.

Together, the URW-095 mini spider crane and GL_UM600 glass manipulator head were able to tackle this tricky canopy reglaze with precision and ease.

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