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As technology throughout the construction industry continues to advance to keep up with the modern workforce GGR Group has been central to pioneering new technologies to meet the demand of their customers. Through this experience, GGR has identified that collaboration between humans and new technologies is key to the future of construction. With over 25 years of experience in providing lifting solutions throughout the UK and beyond GGR are up to date with industry trends and what machines work best. GGR Group introduced their first glazing robot for hire in 1998 and has since expanded and revolutionised the glass lifting solutions they supply to their customers.

The Role of Glazing Robots

A glazing robot is a specialised machine designed for manipulating glass where manual labour or cranage may not be feasible. Typically constructed with wheels, a movable head, and extending boom you can safely install glass with little manual lifting involved. With precise controls glazing robots can traverse across various terrains, lift glass from stillages, as well as tilt, rotate, and slew glazing into position.

Oscar 600 Glazing Robot installing a mirror in a hotel.

Oscar 600 Glazing Robot installing a mirror in a hotel.

The introduction of glazing robots to the industry benefited glaziers in a number of ways. With advantages such as increased efficiency, precision, and safety glazing robots are essential machines for glazing projects. With lifting capacities that exceed the capabilities of manual labour you can move and install glazing with a reduced chance of injury. Features such as a manoeuvrable head and side shift functions allow accurate placement of glass.

The Human Element

As the construction industry speeds into the post-modern era of revolutionised technology there may be a reduced need for full manual labour on projects. Despite an initial fear of automation in construction and the possible job displacement this may bring this technology introduces a high demand for skilled operators that have expertise in construction and glazing.

By embracing the collaboration of humans and robots their skills can be combined to achieve the most efficient approach to any task at hand. The increased use of tools like glazing robots prompts today’s workers to increase their skillset and delve into new areas of their trade. Companies and workers will see an increased rate of project completion with the implementation of technologies like this.

Advantages of Collaboration

With the use of glazing robots glaziers are able to achieve glazing feats that without would be near impossible, costly, or time-consuming. At GGR Group we often supply our range of glazing robots to our customers and offer bespoke lifting solutions for their projects. Collaborating the skills of workers and these amazing machines allows you to face challenges with complete confidence in your ability to complete it.

Our most impressive glazing robot the Sky Robot 1500 was recently used for glazing a brand new cultural hub, Aviva Studios in Manchester. In our Case Study covering this project, we explain how the versatile Sky Robot was able to do what a crane could not. This manoeuvrable machine is able to position glazing at impressive angles with its 3D head.

Oscar 600 installing glazing.

Oscar 600 installing glazing.

Workplace Safety and Ergonomics

Due to their amazing lifting ability and precise controls glazing robots are often a safer option over manual handling. As workers have less need to touch and carry the glass they can avoid injuries caused by strain, cuts, and human error. As glazing robots do not experience fatigue and discomfort they can lift and manipulate heavier loads without the risk of injury. Special features offer extra safety such as radio remote controls which allow operators to control glazing robots from a better angle.


The collaboration between humans and glazing robots can be advantageous to a wide range of glazing projects, increasing efficiency and safety. At GGR Group we offer courses so all our customers can use the innovative machinery we provide. To learn more about our glazing robots or courses speak to our dedicated team here.

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