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In the world of lifting operations, there are always obstacles you’ll face where further innovation is required. Often with crane operations, your day-to-day lifting can be hindered by unreachable points of a building such as alcoves, balconies, and soffits. Overhang Beams, also known as cantilever beams, play a crucial role in supporting loads that extend beyond the edge of a structure or crane. With this below-the-hook attachment, you can counter the struggles associated with lifting in restricted access points with the extra reach this equipment provides.

A Libro 600 3D Head Overhang Beam installing glass with views of London.

A Libro 600 3D Head Overhang Beam installing glass with views of London.

Overhang Beams allow users to lift loads into spaces whereas just a crane may only be able to lift the load to just outside the needed location. With the Overhang Beam, the load can be placed precisely and safely without workers needing to struggle to push or pull it into the space.

Load Capacity

Our strongest Overhang Beam is the Libro 20000 offering 20 tonnes of lifting power which is ideal for use alongside tower and mobile cranes. However, this sort of lifting power is not always necessary for a project which is why we provide a number of cantilever beams to accommodate various requirements. When choosing your Overhang Beam it is important to factor in the weight of loads you intend to lift as well as the capacity of the crane the beam will be attached to. This is because the combined weight of the load and Overhang Beam may cause you to surpass the SWL of the crane.

Length and Reach

With such differences in the designs of even modern buildings as well as old features such as overhangs and soffits can fluctuate massively in size. This includes how deep they are which determines how much reach you will require of your Overhang Beam.

At GGR Group the depth of overhang our beams can accommodate ranges between 550mm and 4.1m (or up to 5.3m with different attachments.) These different lengths allow operators to lift glazing and other loads easily into window openings and under overhangs.

A Libro 12000 lifting at a multiplex.

A Libro 12000 lifting at a multiplex.

Customisation and Adaptability

While Overhang Beams themselves are a below-the-hook customisation for cranes and other machines there are also additional attachments you can make use of to adapt them to your project. In our range of Libro Overhang Beams customisations include Overhang Beam glass lifters, 3D head glass lifter attachments, and the unique Corner Lifter attachment.

The glass lifter customisations allow users to benefit from the full features of their Overhang Beam while installing glass which with just using a below-the-hood glass vacuum lifter may prevent. With the Corner Lifter, you can use it along with glass vacuum lifters to install unique corner glazing units as shown in a recent project at art’otel, Battersea Power Station. It can also be used with other below-the-hook attachments like stone lifters and cladding lifters.


At GGR Group we have over 25 years of experience supplying lifting solutions to our customers. Overhang Beams offer workers with a way to safely and efficiently lift loads into soffits, overhangs, and other places with restricted access. For more advice on the best Overhang Beam for your project contact our team here.

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