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Glass vacuum lifters are the staring tools of the glazing industry having revolutionised the trade when they first came on the scene. These machines are designed to simplify the lifting and installation of glass with specialised vacuum technology. To get a perfect lift choosing the right glass vacuum lifter for you is essential. At GGR Group we have over 25 years of experience supplying glass lifting technology to our customers. Over the years we have steadily expanded the glass lifting solutions available to customers throughout the UK and beyond. With a glass vacuum lifter glaziers and construction workers have been able to enhance safety and productivity.

You can read more on how vacuum lifters work and choosing the right glass vacuum lifter for you here.

Weight Capacity

In our fleet of vacuum lifters at GGR Group they all vary in what they are designed for. Each model of vacuum lifter we supply will typically have a different safe working load – this is the weight that should not be exceeded when lifting loads. If a SWL is surpassed it puts everyone nearby at risk of harm as the load may drop. This is especially true for glass as it can shatter and send sharp debris flying around the site.

The Libro 3000 Corner Lifter.

The Libro 3000 Corner Lifter.

To ensure your vacuum lifter has a SWL that is suited for your project you can check multiple places to confirm it. First, you should check the website, catalogue, or contact the supplier so you don’t purchase the wrong lifter for the task. If you already have the glass vacuum lifter, then the SWL should be clearly stated on the operator’s manual as well as on the machine itself. Many SWLs on glass vacuum lifters can change according to the positioning or the configuration of the vacuum cups. If this is the case with the one you are using, make sure you follow the SWL chart that considers these variations in usage.

Safety Features

Modern vacuum lifters now benefit from an array of safety features designed with users in mind. It is important as a glazier or construction worker to ensure you are using technology that is up to date with regulations and keeps you and those around you safe. Most modern glass vacuum lifters will come with basic safety features such as visual or audio low vacuum warning. However, it is worth exploring the other safety options available to you before selecting a glass vacuum lifter for your project.

Some of our glass vacuum lifters at GGR Group have many innovative features perfect for keeping you safe. A great safety feature is individual/dual vacuum circuits which allow the remaining vacuums to continue working if one fails allowing more time to lower the load to the ground. The simple green lift light indicates to the user when the vacuum is ready to lift the load. Another great feature is an audio-visual low vacuum alert system which allows operators to spring into action at the first sign of this.

Application and Installation

With so many glass vacuum lifters to choose from that can be used for specific applications and installation methods it is important you carefully consider your choice. Below we have listed a few of the glass vacuum lifters available at GGR Group to help narrow down your search.

DSZ2 Slimline Lifter

This popular vacuum lifter has an extensive list of features designed for improving your lifting experience. Features include manual 360° continuous rotation, lockable at 0, 90, 180 & 270 degrees, hydraulically dampened tilting from vertical to horizontal, Dual, independent vacuum circuits, each with vacuum reserve tank and non-return valve, vacuum gauge for each circuit, two or four on-board maintenance-free vacuum pumps, reverse air flow (blow-off) vacuum pump, Audio-visual low vacuum alert and more.

Two of the DSZ2 Slimline Lifters were featured in an incredible glazing lift for art’otel, Battersea Power Station. We covered this project in more detail in this case study. The lift required two DSZ2s combined with the Libro 3000 Overhang Beam with a Corner Lifter to lift a corner glazing unit. At almost 90˚ and 1200kg the lift required the joint strength of the impressive DSZ2s.

MRT4 Intelli-Grip Dual Circuit

The Wood’s Powr-Grip MRT4 comes with Intelli-Grip technology which takes your vacuum lifter to a whole new level. The Intelli-Grip technology provides users with the continuous monitoring of lifter operation and the display of its status and any potential problems, user-friendly command prompts which reduce human error and help you keep the lifter properly maintained, and automated safety features that protect both you and the load. With proper use of the MRT4 you can increase productivity, prevent workplace accidents, and keep your lifter in ideal working condition.

To see the MRT4 in action click here.

The MRT4 Glass Vacuum Lifter installing glazing.

The MRT4 Glass Vacuum Lifter installing glazing.

Woods Powr-Grip P11104

This 4-in-line glass vacuum lifter is highly popular due to its compact size and manoeuvrability. With a 320kg and two separate vacuum circuits you can lift glazing securely as each circuit is designed to handle the load independently. Designed with a 180-degree lockable rotation and 90-degree tilt you can position your glazing with ease. The P11104 can be charged between uses and is cordless for simple unrestricted movement. Due to the popularity of this machine, we also supply the P11104 with Intelli-Grip technology for enhanced lifting safety.

The P11104 was used in a recent project for glazing on a busy retail street in Manchester. The installation required a lifter that could handle the 280kg glass units in a narrow recess that was made smaller by two air conditioning units.


When choosing the right glass vacuum lifter, it is important to consider all the options available. Here at GGR Group we offer a range of equipment for lifting glass and have experts on hand to help choose the right tools for your project. To speak to our team contact us here.

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