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We’re celebrating the big countdown to the 2012 Olympics!  With only one year to go, we’ve taken a moment to reflect on the different venues we’re been working on at the prestigious Olympic Park so far this year.  All exciting stuff!

The Big One—The Olympic Stadium

The 80,000 capacity stadium is built from sustainable materials including concrete made from industrial waste, recycled gas pipes and minimal amount of steel.  GGR’s Unic 376 spider crane was used to install the lighting tracks in the stairwells leading to the seating areas-.  This compact crane is designed to ‘climb’ stairs, fit through doorways and lift up to 2.9 tonnes indoors.


GGR helped set the wheels in motion at the Olympic Velodrome by hiring two Unic 376 mini cranes to install over 400 timber trusses, each weighing 350kg, in preparation for the track to be laid.  With a capacity of 2.9 tonnes yet only 130cm wide, the Unic 376 cranes were ideal for entering the restricted access to the building.   We also provided a Galizia G20 Pick and Carry Crane to facilitate glass installation for the public entrance.

Unic 376 Mini crane working on Olympic Velodrome track

Aquatics Centre

The 50m competition pool and training pools used over 180,000 tiles and hundreds of glass panels, installed with a little help from GGR Group. We provided a Unic 506 mini crane and  Hydraulica 1000 vacuum lifter to lift and install 4.5 meter panels on the inside of the pool.  The Glass panels are located directly underneath the starting blocks, so you will be able to see our handy work at the beginning of each race!

The Central Park Bridge

The Olympic Stadium sits within its own ‘island’ site surrounded by waterways on three sides. Visitors will access the venue via five link bridges.  Our Geko installation robot and compact Glassboy floor crane were hired for work to install mirror polished stainless steel on the Central Park Bridge.

Athletes’ Village

Comprising of residential apartments for 17,000 athletes, this massive village will be converted into 2800 new homes and Chobham Academy for 1800 students after the games.  GGR provided a range of lifting equipment for this section of the park, including our Homer glazing manipulating robot which was mounted on a telehandler to install angled glass around Chobham Academy’s atrium.

GGR's Homer Installation Robot working on Athletes' Village Chobham Academy atrium,

Lee Valley White Water Centre

Although not located at the Olympic Park, The Lee Valley White Water centre will host the 2012 Olympic canoe competition.  Our compact Glassboy floor cranes and Unic mini spider cranes were used to install visitor handrails and pedestrian bridges across the top of the 300m water course.GGR's Unic Spider Crane installing glass and handrails at White Water centre.

We are proud and privileged have contributed to these Olympic landmarks and we will be backing Team GB this time next year!

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Listen to our Technical Director Craig Parkin on BBC Radio Oxford who talks about the Olympic Park project   (Courtesy of BBC iplayer, click here (recording available from 28th July).


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