By: Kelly Holdaway On: April 01, 2015 In: Blog Comments: 0

GGR Group is proud to finally announce the results of a project we’ve been working on for some time now. Working closely with UNIC mini crane manufacturers Furukawa UNIC, we have developed the first underwater mini crane – the UNIC Sea Spider!

There has been a lot of customer demand for a machine that can work underwater, so GGR has responded to this and created the 6 tonne capacity UNIC SEA-706.

A giant water tank has been built at our Oldham depot for the cranes to be tested in, and some of our bravest operators have undergone specialist diving training so they can complete underwater lifting work. This crane will be ideal for maintenance work on lakes and rivers and working on shipwrecks. The UNIC SEA-706 Underwater Spider has already been booked on its first job to work inside the shark tank at the Blue Planet Aquarium in Cheshire.

As the mini cranes are still going through the last stages of testing and we are keeping some of the finer details top secret for now, but we can give you this sneak preview of what it looks like.

Water-Crane April Fool

Keep an eye on the GGR Group website for more information about the Sea Spider mini crane.


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