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The Best Vacuum Lifter for Curved Glass

Lifting glass always comes with the problem of finding the best tools for the job, especially when max capacities and textured glass types get involved. But all that seems like child’s play when you find out a curved glass unit needs lifting.

Why You Need to Choose the Right Vacuum Lifter for You

Glass vacuum lifters can be used from the smallest DIY at-home window glass replacement to massive glass units for newly built skyscrapers – which is why knowing what you’re looking for is so important. The smallest change in the features of a glass vacuum lifter can mean not having the right equipment for the job and potentially spending more money than required if you overestimate the needs of your job.

A glass vacuum lifter is used as a reliable and safe way to lift both small and large glass panels without injury or breaking it. The lifter will create a negative pressure between the vacuum cups and the material it is lifting, causing them to stick together. The products below have a circuit vacuum that can independently create and lock in the vacuum.

GGR Group supplies the best lifting solutions in the industry, with almost thirty years in the industry and having first begun as GGR Glass Services they have been there all the way through modern glass lifting innovation.

Some of the products we will be taking a look at have varying strengths, such as the Kombi 7211-DSG which has a 250kg capacity. Small but mighty it weighs only 85kg with a 330mm thickness. In comparison, the Hydraulica 2100 Curved has a 2100kg max working load, able to lift the largest of glass units.

The Best Vacuum Lifter for You

The array of choices for curved vacuum lifters can be overwhelming when having to flick between the pages of a website or when looking through our Equipment Pocket Guide which is why we have created this guide to help you choose.

GGR Group's UNIC URW-295 lifting a Kombi-7411-DSG7 curved glass vacuum lifter at London offices.

GGR Group’s UNIC URW-295 lifting a Kombi-7411-DSG7 curved glass vacuum lifter at London offices.

Kombi 7411-DSG7

This vacuum lifter is capable of lifting both concave and convex glass making it an essential product when it comes to lifting a range of glass shapes. With a 750kg capacity, you can lift larger glass units with ease from the side or from above with the 90˚ tilt and 270˚ rotation. This manual tilt and rotation allow you to get hands-on with the precise placement of the glass. This is ideal for jobs on lower floors that are easily physically accessible. Here’s an example of our work on an apartment building with a curved window.

The Kombi 7411-DSG7 have a quad-circuit system with a reserve tank, non-return valve, and vacuum gauge for each circuit which allows a speedier and safer lifting experience. The included swivel arms can easily be moved for fast attachment to your curved surface so you can lift your glass efficiently on site.

Quad-Curve 1000

Lift up to 1000kg with the Quad-Curve 1000 which can lift both flat and convex glass, ideal for larger jobs with varying glass units. The quad-circuit vacuum system means if in the unlikelihood one circuit fails the other three will keep the load secure until you can lower the lifter to rectify it.

With a 90˚ hydraulic powered tilt you can easily adjust the vacuum lifter to the curvature of your glass. The 2800mm arms are ideal for larger units, assisted by 16 suction cups that provide plenty of contact for a secure hold.

DSH2 Curved

The DSH2 has a remarkable 48 suction pads and a 3600mm length for supporting up to 1200kg convex glass. Easily reach the angles needed with this machine’s 90˚hydraulic tilting and 360˚ powered lockable rotation.

The two independent vacuum circuits come with a vacuum reserve tank and non-return valve which prevent any vacuum loss for a constant hold. The included remote control (optional radio remote available) means you can choose the best visual angle for adjusting the vacuum lifter.

DSMH-2 Curved

With the option of up to 22 suction cups this vacuum lifter has a max capacity of 1650kg. It is ideal for installing unique architectural wide convex glass units due to its 4100mm size. Advantaged by a 90˚ hydraulic tilt and 360˚ powered rotation the DSMH-2 is suited for easy handling of glass when lifting and angling.

The low vacuum alert is great for onsite safety and prevents any potential glass breakages. The two independent vacuum circuits each have a vacuum reserve tank and non-return valve so if one circuit fails the backup will give you enough time to fix the problem.

GGR Group's UNIC URW-1006 mini spider crane lifting a Hydraulica 2100 curved glass vacuum lifter.

GGR Group’s UNIC URW-1006 mini spider crane lifting a Hydraulica 2100 curved glass vacuum lifter.

Hydraulica 2100 Curved

Lift an impressive 2100kg with this high-performance curved vacuum lifter including a whopping 56 vacuum pads. Install convex glass units with this specially designed product for use on construction sites and high-rise buildings.

Use the included remote control to achieve the correct positioning for your units from below. You can control the 90˚ hydraulic tilt and 360˚ powered rotation with the easy-to-use controls for quick adjustment of heavy loads.

More of Our Glass Vacuum Lifters

We have an even wider range of glass lifters on our Glass Vacuum Lifters section, including lifters for textured glass and even a Corner Lifter. If you need more information about any of our products contact one of our experts by either phone or by clicking here


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