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What a pick and carry crane does is in the name. Much more versatile than a traditional static crane and with the ability to lift while on the move unlike a standard mobile crane, the pick and carry crane offers a unique capability. With the fast-paced nature of construction and the demand for a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ machine the pick and carry crane is an excellent lifting solution. Below we will discuss the great benefits of pick and carry cranes.

At GGR Group we supply a wide range of pick and carry cranes with different lifting abilities. What makes our cranes unique though is their compact design which allows access to small and confined spaces. While accessing these restricted areas pick and carry cranes can be relied on to transport the load as well as lift it once at location.

Tandem lift with two G20 Pick and Carry Cranes.

Tandem lift with two G20 Pick and Carry Cranes.

Versatility in Construction Projects

With so many pick and carry cranes to choose from in our range you can receive many benefits on your projects. With capacities from 2 – 25 tonnes, these cranes offer advanced compact lifting as their small size does not limit their lifting ability. With our smallest pick and carry crane, the G20, being only 935mm wide it can fit through many doorways. Also weighing just 2000kg it can be used on some upper levels and walkways where there is a weight capacity.

Environmental Impact

All of our pick and carry cranes are electric as standard which makes them a perfect choice for work sites that require low-emission machinery. Customers can benefit from utilising these cranes on site as they can avoid the issues associated with plant machinery’s effect on the environment. With this addition to your fleet, it can also open your company up to more projects where low-emission machinery is a requirement.

Customisable Attachments

Pick and carry cranes are not only designed for standard lifting tasks they also have the option of customised attachments. With the application of these attachments, you can adapt your pick and carry crane to various lifting tasks. Whether it is lifting glass, cladding, or just needing a bit of extra reach the pick and carry crane has you covered.

Compatible with both our glass and cladding lifters you can choose attachments that will fulfil the requirements of your lift and work perfectly with your chosen crane. Other attachments can include searcher hooks, telehandler forks, rhino hooks, and plenty more.

The GF200 removing machinery.

The GF200 removing machinery.

Case Studies

Our pick and carry cranes have been a part of many successful projects but a few stand out more than others. In a recent project in Manchester on a busy retail street the GF42 took on a challenging glazing lift. Combined with the P11104 Glass Vacuum Lifter the GF42 was able to tackle the 3.5-metre-long and 1.2-metre-wide glazing unit. The main challenges included a limited setup space, a 9-metre installation height, a narrow recess only 1.4 metres wide by 2.4 metres deep, and the added risk of two air conditioning units that needed to be avoided within the recess.

The GF42 was able to manoeuvre with ease in the tight spaces thanks to its 180-degree hydraulic steering and radio remote control. This crane was positioned effortlessly to install the challenging recessed unit making light work of this awkward lift.


At GGR Group we have been supplying innovative lifting solutions for over 25 years and know how great the benefits of pick and carry cranes are. We have the expertise needed to help you decide on the right crane for you. To talk to our expert team contact us by phone or click here.

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