By: Kelly Holdaway On: September 18, 2012 In: Blog Comments: 0

Our mini spider cranes usually have the starring role in our biggest and best lifts, however the Starworker trailer crane is GGR’s unsung hero as it often hired to take on glazing jobs where extra reach is required in a tight spot.

Always hot on the trail of challenging high level glazing projects, the 1200kg capacity Starworker 1200 trailer crane has a telescopic extendable boom which means it boasts a generous 25 metre working radius with an extra long 9 metre fly jib for working over rooftops.

At only 2.3 metres wide the compact Starworker can be easily transported and set up in confined working area or on uneven surfaces with its flexible hydraulic outriggers extended to provide stability. This lightweight self-erecting trailer crane is especially useful for work on sites where a low point loading is required and it can also be conveniently transported using a standard vehicle trailer.

The Starworker provides a simple solution for quickly replacing broken window panes, like on the third storey of this glass-fronted office building. Operated by radio remote control, the trailer crane removed the broken glass unit and helped install a 150kg replacement at a 12.5 metre height, working 3 metres under an overhang.

Click here to take a look at GGR’s full range of trailer cranes and contact our team about making a Starworker the star of the show on your next lift.

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