By: Kelly Holdaway On: June 29, 2011 In: Blog Comments: 0

Our G Force crane operators spotted some questionable outrigger placements on a competitor mini crane this week and we wanted to give a heads up on what should be avoided.

Using an old, natural piece of wood as a support medium means the bending moment and breaking point of that material can’t reliably be tested and should definitely have been avoided.

If you’re a contractor looking to bridge a void, then we recommended using a synthetic substance like a steel beam where all the stresses can be accurately calculated. Ground bearing pressure is one of the considerations needed when calculating point loadings.

Also, the centre of the outrigger mat should not sit over the middle of the void, unlike the picture shown which puts the mini crane at risk of falling should the wood break.

So, avoid the void with the right support and contact us today!

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