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Geko 425GGR Group’s range of glazing robots are an impressive bunch! Each type of glazing robot offers something unique to each job but are all as equally as impressive.

Oscar Glazing Robot Range

The strongest and most popular range in the fleet! The Oscar glazing robots are the ultimate heavy lifting power machines. These robots boast lifting capacities ranging from 280kg to a huge 1.4 tonne.

Each robot offers tilt and rotation features. Though mighty and strong, each machine is compact and highly manoeuvrable with optional stabilisers for extra safety when travelling over uneven ground.

Geko Glazing Robot Range

Geko glazing robots are extremely manoeuvrable, with machines capable of lifting loads of up to 425kg. Geko glazing robots maintain lifting heights ranging from 2.5 metres to 3 metres.

Features include tilting loads up and down and a left and right head slew. With a minimum width of 618mm, these are the perfect glazing robots for tricky inside-out glazing jobs.

Cobra 550Cobra 550 Glazing Robot

The Cobra is an extremely flexible and adaptable machine. This glazing robot boasts a 550kg lifting capacity. Ideal for overhead glass installations, this unique machine is capable of lifting materials from floor level up to four metres in a fully parallel operation.

Designed with two large front twin wheels and a hydrostatic drive, the Cobra 550 is suitable to operate over all kinds of terrain. Extremely flexible, powerful and practical.

EMU (Ergonomic Manipulating Unit)

The EMU features a unique manipulating head that can manoeuvre glass through obstacles and perfectly into place. This machine offers multiple features for pushing, realigning and pulling loads from 300kg up to 1 tonne.

Features include an 80° left and right pivot, an 80° up and down tilt and a 360° rotation. The EMU is the most flexible of the glazing robots.

HOMER (High Operation Mounted EMU Robot)HOMER

Obtaining all of the special qualities of the EMU, this glazing robot was developed to provide easier means to lifting at height.

Designed to be mounted to cranes, the HOMER is a unique patented robotic head. It can continuously rotate 360° in both directions, as well as pivot left and right 80° and tilt up and down 80°, with loads of up to 500kg.

Both inside-out glazing and external glazing is made simpler with this impressive range of machines!

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