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GGR’s compact crane solutions are ideal for assisting with the removal, installation and maintenance of machinery in lifting locations ranging from restaurant kitchens to power plants and food factories.

Unic mini cranes of all sizes are practical lifting devices for getting machinery to where it needs to be when access on site is restricted or space is confined thanks to their minimal dimensions. Easy to transport and set up, spider cranes can work in tight spaces such as alleyways or back entrances to buildings, like this Unic URW-095 which was fitted with a searcher hook to lift a new air conditioning unit onto scaffolding at a Jamie’s Italian restaurant in York.

A larger Unic URW-706 mini crane was also used to lift a valuable 3000kg printing machine from ground level to the first floor of a reprographics company in Birmingham.

Unic mini cranes can work quickly and safely in factory environments meaning that less downtime is required to carry out essential work and production can resume as soon as possible. The working area limitation safety feature and precision controls of the Unic mini cranes also means that they can work in potentially hazardous environments such as power stations.

This Unic URW-295 mini crane went to a soda factory in Iceland to help the maintenance crew lift a 600kg ring where empty bottles are loaded and filled with soda to replace an axle underneath. The ring could be lifted out whole by the crane which ran on an LPG power supply, meaning no toxic fumes were released into the factory. A job which would have halted factory production for four whole days only took 6 hours to complete thanks to the mini crane.

Other compact cranes in GGR’s range, such as Galizia pick and carry cranes, also offer effective solutions for lifting and travelling with heavy machinery components. Our new MCC495 mini crawler crane was also used to lift this 3400kg injection moulding machine to allow a bund tank to be installed underneath it.

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