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UNIC URW-376 helping install sunscreen panels in London

UNIC URW-376 helping install sunscreen panels in London

A UNIC URW-376 installed sunscreen panels around the perimeter of a brand-new office build in London.

Assisting with the redevelopment of buildings is what our trusty mini spider cranes are here for! To make a vision become a reality, A UNIC URW-376 helped cover an all-glazed building with multiple long aluminium fins for a unique, finished look as well as for better eyesight in sunny weather.

Each aluminium fin panel weighed 80kg and were 6.5m long.  Each of the fins were gripped by sling and lifted by the mini spider crane to be installed into place. With several fins being installed around the building, 3 weeks were used to finish this job.

The UNIC URW-376 boasts a 2.9 tonne lifting capacity and a generous lifting height of 14.9m. This mid-capacity machine is built with a six-section boom allowing an increase in the working radius. This would have been particularly useful for this job, which involved manoeuvring around an entire building. Flexibility and versatility is what the URW-376 is all about.

This crane has the flexibility to move and lift in both directions with a continuous 360 ° slew, both clockwise and anti-clockwise. The crane can be controlled from either the on-board operator’s seat or by radio remote control, allowing it to be operated up close or from a distance.

Whichever way you need to get the job done, the UNIC URW-376 is capable!

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