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Kombi 7441 Quadra installing glazing

To celebrate a brand new addition to GGR’s range of glass vacuum lifters, here’s a look at the Kombi 7441-Quadra helping to build a new production facility for one of the world’s largest champagne producers, Moët & Chandon.

GGR’s Kombi 7441-Quadra brings the latest cutting edge vacuum technology to the market, with four independent vacuum systems for added safety.  This lifter has a generous 1125kg lifting capacity with 12 suction pads, four arm extensions and a multi-configurable lifting frame for handling different shaped loads.

Quad-circuit Kombi 1125kg capacity lifter

A mobile crane and GGR’s new Kombi lifter teamed up to install large glass panels around the plant, helping to tackle the large overhang. The Quadra has 90° hydraulic powered tilt and 200° manual rotation functions for safely manipulating large loads into the exact position required for a quick and easy installation.

Kombi 7441-Quadra lifting glass at Moet factory

Moët’s new facility is called Mont Aigu and is based in Oiry, France. The 6000m² site includes 137 stainless steel fermentation tanks and was opened in time for the 2012 harvest as part of the company’s expansion project as worldwide demand for bubbly increases. When it is ready to work to its full capacity in 2016, this factory will be able to produce up to 100,000 hectolitres of luxury Moët champagne.

Another quad-circuit vacuum lifter, the Hydraulica 2600 is available to hire and buy from GGR. Take a look at our 2600kg capacity mega machine in action here.

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