By: Melissa Nichols On: January 24, 2017 In: Blog Comments: 0

Dam4EditGGR’s MCC495 crawler crane recently played its part in assisting with essential repairs to a dam wall in the Welsh countryside.

For this project, the main role of the crawler cranes was to lift a two man basket over the dam and slowly lower the basket down the face of the wall.

Perfect for working on rough terrain and challenging ground conditions, the MCC495 mini crawler crane was able to effortlessly move across the uneven ground conditions to make it to its lifting location.

With thanks to a bit of crawler crane power, the workers were safely able jet wash, repoint and paint the dam wall with ease and safety.

The MCC495 mini crawler crane brings together the compactness of a spider crane with the heavy lifting power of a pick and carry crane. This mini machine provides an alternative solution to lifting challenges in restricted access areas.

The mini MCC495 telescopic crawler crane’s 2.35m wide base and solid tracks provide it with the stability to lift and travel with loads up to 2 tonnes in weight (or 4.9 tonne capacity static lift). The five section telescopic boom can reach a maximum working height of 16.35m and be controlled accurately with a joystick.

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