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GGR’s range of Geko glazing robots offer battery powered hydraulic lifting muscle for both interior and exterior glazing jobs.

It’s their ability to use suction power to lift glazing units which earned them the name Geko, after the small lizards whose most famous feature is sticky toe pads which allows them to climb up glass.

Here’s five examples of Geko glazing robots at work:-

  1. Glazing from the inside

Geko installing glazing inside container shipThanks to the Geko’s compact chassis which can fit through a doorway, these robots can work internally to carry out glazing operations from the inside out.

For example, this Geko 250 PV robot installed incline glass windoes to a bridge inside a large container ship.


A Geko robot was also used to fit large glass panels above the escalators in this Primark store, with its robotic manipulator head accurately positioning the glass ready for installation.


  1. Glazing from the outside

Geko robot fitting internal glazing at Primark storePedestrian controlled Geko robots have a small footprint which means they can work close to the installation point and around any surround obstacles.

This Geko robot was used at a Tesco Express store in Liverpool to quickly and safely replace some broken glass panels.




  1. Lifting a bath

Geko robot lifting bath tubWhen a customer needed a lifting solution for handling heavy bath tubs in their warehouse, a Geko 350 PV robot was the right machine for the job. The Geko’s robotic head was able to lift the 150kg cast iron bath top using vacuum power, moving it from its vertical position (as it would be stacked in the warehouse) to a horizontal position on the floor.

Watch this demonstration of a Geko robot lifting the bath in this Youtube clip.





  1. Lifting a digital screen

Geko robot lifting digital advertising screenOne of GGR’s glazing robot experts is showing the customer how easy the Geko is to operate in this product demonstration at our Oldham depot. Here the Geko is using vacuum power to lift a digital advertising screen.







  1. Becoming “art”

Geko robot used in art installationA Geko glazing robot was chosen as the unlikely star of an art exhibition in London back in 2010.  Artist Yonca Yucemen chose the machine as the central piece of her project, “Animated Pangea” that was exhibited at Goldsmiths College.


There are a number of Geko glazing robot options available from GGR Group:-

The Geko PV+ models have 180° tilt function so they can lift loads into overhead positions whereas the standard PV models can tilt 30° forwards and 20° backwards. The Electric models are fitted with an uprated 12v battery with 20% more capacity.

Visit the GGR Group Youtube channel to see videos of our Geko 250 PV, 250 PV+ and Electric PV in action.

For more information about hiring or purchasing GGR’s Geko machines or our models in our higher capacity Oscar glazing robot range, please contact your nearest depot.

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