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Cranes have all sorts of uses in and out of the construction industry. The main purpose of a crane is to lift heavy loads from point A to B. This can mean carrying loads around site, lifting loads to higher ground, or lowering them to the ground or sub-levels. Some cranes are better suited to these tasks than others, as well as different terrains.

With over 25 years in the industry, GGR Group has accumulated hundreds of lifting solutions available for hire. Our range of mini cranes are able to achieve heavy lifting power in small spaces. The many crane types we supply have varying talents suited for different challenges. Our Mini Spider Crane for example is impressively compact but strong for its size. This crane would be ideal for use in tight spaces requiring a large amount of strength. However, our Mini Crawler Cranes are particularly suited for rough terrain and can easily carry loads around site.

GGR Group's TMC 25 Articulated Crawler Crane and Hydraulica 1200 Glass Vacuum Lifter installing glazing at a shopping centre.

GGR Group’s TMC 25 Articulated Crawler Crane and Hydraulica 1200 Glass Vacuum Lifter installing glazing at a shopping centre.

A Crane Lift is Great for Glass

Glass often needs to be installed in hard-to-reach places such as the upper stories of a building. With GGR Group’s below-the-hook vacuum lifters, you are able to easily use our cranes to position your glass. Cranes and glass vacuum lifters can be used alongside other below-the-hook attachments to achieve the most accurate placement. Using a crane frees up your glazier’s hands, which is essential when a glazier has to scale a building.

In a project last year our TMC 25 Articulated Crawler Crane assisted a Hydraulica 1200 Glass Vacuum Lifter in glazing a storefront. This battery-powered crane was perfect for the indoor setting of the London shopping centre. At 8 metres tall and weighing nearly a tonne the glazing units were not a problem for the TMC 25. The small size of this machine made it suitable for working between floors enabling it to easily move around without damaging infrastructure.

Crane Lift for Flood Defence

Over the years our cranes have been used in many flood defence schemes and alongside bodies of water. Because of the compact size of our mini cranes, they can be relied on for working in tight spaces and alongside water where the bearing capacity of the soil may be weaker. Due to the robust strength of our mini cranes, they can also be utilised in heavy lifts while fitting into hard-to-access areas.

For instance, in a recent project, our MCC805 Mini Crawler Crane was needed to install shuttering along the River Aire. As part of the Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme, the shuttering was to be used to build flood defence walls around local infrastructure. This 8-tonne capacity machine was easily able to handle the 12m lift of the 600kg shuttering. With robust tracks, it was able to travel down to the lifting site over rough terrain.

See the MCC805 in action here.

The MCC805 Mini Crawler Crane holding shuttering in place.

The MCC805 Mini Crawler Crane holding shuttering in place.

Aviation and Airports

With the size of aeroplanes, helicopters, and their storage buildings it is no surprise cranes are often needed to assist with repairs and maintenance. By choosing mini cranes to assist with this airport staff are able to easily carry out all maintenance needs. Using mini cranes can reduce costs as there is less need for a bulky larger crane which takes up space and can be hard to manoeuvre.

An example of our cranes hard at work is at Luton Airport where a URW-706 Mini Spider Crane was purchased to maintain 65 aircraft. This crane was needed to replace an existing mobile crane for lifting aircraft parts such as tail fins, flaps, rudder, and exhaust systems.


For all your lifting needs, no matter where, GGR Group’s mini cranes can get the job done. Our mini cranes are able to lift up to 10 tonnes and are up to a minimum width of 595mm.  As no.1 for lifting solutions, we can help you find a crane that can help you overcome any lifting challenges. To speak to our team about our cranes contact us by phone or by clicking here.

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